Direct Sales/Network Marketing: Why One Company Vs Another

If you are looking at earning an income with a direct sales or network marketing company…

If you are looking at earning an income with a direct sales or network marketing company, be forewarned that they are NOT all alike! Every one of them is a great fit for ‘someone’ and is not a fit for someone else. Each has Pro’s & Con’s, and to be successful, you must know what to ask before you “sign up” AND you need to ensure that what is required for success fits with your life and your lifestyle.

Just because you ‘love the products’ does not mean that it is a good business concept for you if you are really looking for a business opposed to a hobby – and yes, they are two very different things!

Some of the other things to keep in mind include the below:

  • Who your customer ‘actually’ will be (If anyone tells you that ‘everyone’ is your customer, run far away! We guarantee you that although in many cases ‘everyone’ could be your customer, you will be wasting your time and energy if believe they will be your customer. To be successful, you do not pursue ‘everyone’)
  • Who your competition actually is (Every company has competition, and they could be competition on price point, quality, ingredients, time to acquire product, diversity of product line, etc) and how you really compare to them
  • Who is a fit for that price point (Just because the company says the products are ‘better’, and that’s why they are more expensive then others does not mean that ‘most’ people will purchase them – Affordability IS an important factor for many consumers)
  • What exactly you need to do for success (depending on what amount of money you are looking for per month and how many hours a week you are looking to work).
  • The details of the compensation plan (They are not all alike and if you do not understand what you need to do to achieve the first 3-5 levels of advancement you will become very frustrated)
  • Inventory (whether or not you need to (or will) carry it and if so how much)

Many other things will affect whether or not this company or that company is the best fit for you.  Get our free report to learn more!


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