Overcoming The Work From Home Challenges

No matter what type of work you are going to do from your home, you will most likely have these 3 challenges to overcome:

  • Physical Environment
  • Time Management
  • Motivation

There are many things that go into these three challenges, so we have asked you a few questions below to get you started:


Physical Environment:
  • Do you have the room for a dedicated space? If not, will you have to move work materials each day?
  • Do you have others in the household that could disrupt your workspace?
  • What about things like power for your PC, lightening, noise from TV or other people?
Time Management:
  • Are you easily distracted? Will you be watching TV, doing laundry or other household chores?
  • Without someone watching or directing your activities (or your final outcomes like calls answered or contracts signed), are you truly self motivated enough to put in the time it takes to reach the end results you want?
  • Do you get caught up on individual tasks and before you know it you have only done one thing when you needed to do 5 things?
  • What motivates you? (Time off to do fun tasks? Money? Praise/acknowledgement from someone? A good meal? Giving money to a charity?)
  • Everyone needs rewards, however many people are rewarded by different things. How will you reward yourself when you have accomplished milestone tasks?
  • How likely are you to do the things you don’t want to do (however that need to be done) when you don’t really want to do them when no one will be watching you?
  • Do you need an accountability partner to keep on track?

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