What If You Have A Business & Are Unhappy?

Many people find themselves in this situation.  You could be unhappy because:

  • You love the products or services you provide however are just are not making the profit you need
  • You find yourself spending way to much time on it w/o the profit
  • You are constantly looking for ‘new customers’ without success
  • People complain that your products are too expensive – and you cannot lower them
  • You find that you spend more on ‘expenses’ related to the business then you can afford
  • You are stocking alot of inventory and you don’t want to/don’t have the room/find the inventory goes to waste (expires, gets hot or cold, becomes ineffective)

So what can you do?

  • First – Identify the REAL problem not just the symptom
  • Second – Is this something under your control that you CAN change?
    • If so, what would have to change to resolve it?
    • Are you willing to do that?
    • What are the other effects that this change will cause? (Can you live with those impacts or what else has to change?)
  • Third – If this is not under your control, and you love the business overall (it is meeting “most” of your needs), can you do something ELSE on the side/for a few hours a week to resolve the ‘issue’ above so those combined businesses provide you the success you need?
    • You can trade time for money, or you can start to build something residual that has longevity
    • If you are open to building something, read through our free report or contact us to discuss options that could fit your life & lifestyle

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